I owe NO money but they are trying to collect debt and are harrassing me! I am tired of the endless calls and needless harrassment.

I will find a way to get their license, if they have one, revoked.

They are clearly a scamming company trying to take advantage of people by getting them to give personal information and then stealing money and identities. Since I have to go to 100 words to satisfy this pissed off customer site, though there is nothing more to be said, I will continue to say that this company, National Action Financial Services is a SCAM!!!!!!

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They tried this three yrs ago almost to the day.Same thing 11,500.00 to Citibank please the car was totalled and insurance paid . I spoke with them told them and they still keep calling i live in mass and we have laws against this plus i own my business so i told them u can't bother me or i'll have lawyer sue them.

u have to be strong .

Swear at them they'll hang up. Good luck.


Have you actually called them? Maybe they're calling the wrong number? How will they know if you don't call them?


they are scams too.i always careful and check my credit report ,maintained excellent credit score ,pay all my bills on time.

recently i recieved scam lettet from national action finanacial services, inc, people becareful about this company and throw the letter in the trash and don't give them any info if the call you.

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