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National Action Financial Services is continually harassing me with calls that hang up after 3 seconds or leave a 3 second blank message. When I call them back they say "my number isn't in their database" and I know for sure my finances are perfect, I have no collections, no debts, I don't owe anyone anything.

This company, NAFS is out of control. Even after I block their number, they keep changing their calling number just to harass me more and more for nothing and then claim they didn't do it. Well my phone records don't lie. These folks should be shut down!

If you are an attorney or government agency taking action against NAFS for this type of issue, feel free to contact me via the web form at

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Siena, Tuscany, Italy #19873

I have been receiving recorded calls daily calls for at least two months. I have never been addressed by name nor provided with any indication about why they are calling other than it is "something that cannot be discussed by this media".

I can't get this stoppped.

Help! The only debt I have is a house paymentj which I pay every month before it is due.

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