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I started receiving calls from National Action Financial services about month ago. Its always a recorded message and there is very rarely even an option to talk to a representative. It just leaves a number to call. I finally got a hold of a representative and she said that she would take me off the calling list. They are still calling me. I am not this Donald Rose person they are looking for nor do I even know a person named that. I am sick of... Read more

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They keep calling and leaving voicemails on my phone. The message isn't very clear nor does it say who they are calling about. It says to contact a person but you can't understand the name it gives. You can call back with the number they give you and it says waiting for a representive and then no one answers and it directs you to auto answer and allows you to leave a message. When it comes on though it says the users inbox is full and... Read more

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National Action Financial has been calling me for ever a year. I have checked my credit report and their is no reason for them to call me. I have nothing against me that should be handled by some place attempting to collect a debt. I want this to stop! I can't get anyone when I call back. They are wasting minutes on my phone! Leave me alone! Can anyone enlighten me as to why I should be bothered by this place or even they have to call me if... Read more

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I received a discharge from bankruptcy almost a year ago. Currently, I have no debts. Interestingly enough, these fools only started calling a couple of months ago. I know, we're suppose to tremble in our boots when the authoritative voice summons us to call this company back, but since nobody's name is mentioned, and neither is any particular debt, it's like a fly buzzing around one's head – bothersome, but not life-threatening. So why should... Read more

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This company has been calling me for 2 months with an automated system that will not let me talk to any one. I have to waste my minutes calling them back and when i do they are rude. The most recent time 06/08/2010 at 2:55pm I was called by them and immediatly called back to talk to someone. I told the person who answered the phone and then was transfered to a person that said he was a manager and did not give his name. I told him they had been... Read more

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This company has been calling my number relentlessly for a year now. I do not owe the debt and cannot get a customer service representative when I call to correct this. The debt is $37.00 on a Block Buster account. I recently had surgery and have been requiring extensive rest to recover. These phone calls have been interupting my sleep every morning and I am fed up with the harrassment. I can't turn my phone off because I have children in... Read more

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NAFS has called us unrelentingly for almost a year and we are not even the person in question, nor have we ever heard of her. I called NAFS a few months ago, and they promised to stop the harassing phone calls, but, they have not. Now when I call the number they leave, I only get a recording telling me how to pay this $15.48 Blockbuster debt, and I can find no way to contact them or talk to a live person. Their loyal employee is all up in... Read more

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I owe NO money but they are trying to collect debt and are harrassing me! I am tired of the endless calls and needless harrassment. I will find a way to get their license, if they have one, revoked. They are clearly a scamming company trying to take advantage of people by getting them to give personal information and then stealing money and identities. Since I have to go to 100 words to satisfy this pissed off customer site, though there is... Read more

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Over the past two weeks I've received about ten calls from a computer telling me it's been programmed to call on behalf of National Action Financial Services. I have never heard of this company, and apparently my only options are to press "1" to pay the balance or to press "*" to hear my options again. If I owe someone money, I'd be happy to pay. The balance is only about $16; but the principal that someone could extort any sum,... Read more

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Got a letter stating that I owed $4013.21 to Bank of America. Here's the problem my Bank of America card was payed in full in March. There were 3 differnet phone numbers on the letter none of which were answered. And the only number that got me to a voicemail wouldn't alow me to leave a voicemail because the maibox was full. They claim their office hours are M-F 8am-4 and Sat 8-12. There is not a single name for the NAFS on the letter. ... Read more

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